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As members of the RECC Assurance Scheme, we agree to abide by the RECC Renewable Energy Consumer Code. It covers all the factors that contribute to a high standard of consumer service, before, during and after your contract is agreed


These include:


Clear information on the systems planned and their peformance

Accpetable sale and marketing techniques

Arangements for installing and connecting the system

The selections and quality of goods supplied

Details of the conditions of business that apply

The standard of any installation and other on-site work

Guarantees, and any maintence and after-sale services needed

What action will be taken to deal with any problems, and

Arrangements for monitoring and continuously improving the code.


We make sure your installations run as smooth as possible from start to finish and consumer confidence is manitained throughout.

The majority of work is based on recommendations so meeting the above criteria is very important to us.


NICEIC MCS Accreditaion: we are licensed by the Microgeneration Certification SCHEME (MCS) which have set high standards to quality management and customer care during the design, installation and commissioning for any tariff's. The primary aim of the MCS is to provide costumers with confidence and protection in the renewable energy sector by guaranteeing that microgentation products and installers who present the logo meet, and will continue to meet, robust quality standards.