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Battery Storage


Battery storage is the next revolution in solar technology. Why not take advantage of the energy the sun produces into your own hands? Reducing your energy costs to a minimum by choosing Batteries with high standards in safety and quality. There are a selection of batteries for different budgets and performances. We select tried and tested equipment so the end user can chhose with confidence.


How it works


Morning: As the sunrises, your solar panels start to produce energy, but because there are high energy demand, there is not enough energy produced by the panels. The battery bridges the gap with the unused stored energy from the day before.


Midday: During the day the energy that is generated from your solar panels is at its highest. If no one is home then the energy consumtion is low and becomes unused, so the energy is then stored and used later on during the day when the panels are not generating enough.


Evening: On average we tend to consume more energy during the evening after work and when the kids are home from school, but of course on a dark evening your solar panels won't be as effective producing energy. The Battery will then use any energy stored from the day to cover the household energy needs in the evening. Any unused energy is stored for the next day!


With batteries you can also keep an eye on your energy use via their simple app for your smartphone or tablet!

You can check it anytime, anywhere.

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